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Mysore Urban Development Authority

MUDA or Mysore Urban Development Authority was constituted in the year 1988 previously City Improvement Trust Board, Mysore and Local Planning Authority of Mysore was amalgamated in order to plan and develop Residential Sites, Commercial Sites, Industrial Sites, Civic Amenity Sites, Packs and Playgrounds as well as construction of commercial Complexes, Construction of houses for Economically Weaker Sections, Low Income Group, Middle Income Group, High Income Group and Development of major infrastructure facilities in Mysore.
The Mysore Urban Development Authority maintain heritage and culture of the city on the occasion of carrying out various development residential, commercial and industrial projects with world class infrastructure on a center of attention for Tourism, Education and Industrial area.

Organization structure of MUDA:

MUDA or Mysore Urban Development Authority involves various departments to take part for development of Residential sites, commercial sites or Industrial sites.
Each department play significant role to improve the infrastructure of Mysore.
Engineering Department: To execute various development schemes in Mysore, Engineering Development primarily monitors different regions to execute infrastructure facilities and ensure water supply and underground drainage system and executes its projects.
Town Planning Department: Town Planning Department is responsible to develop Comprehensive Development Plan, Preparation of Layout Plans, Authorization of Development Plan for Layouts and Group Schemes for Mysore.
Law Department: The Law Department shares its opinion towards the Authority on various legal issues and handles all legal matters related to Development Authority.
Administration Department: The Administration Department takes care of all matters relating to allocation of plots, shops and residence, evaluation of property tax, and rentals. The administrative department also takes responsible for all establishments and wide-ranging of administrative matters.
Auction Department: As per the terms and conditions of Karnataka Urban Development Authority, the plots are positioned for auction sale subject to corner or intermediate site and transacted for best price.
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