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Mysore Race Club

The Mysore Race Club has its own uniqueness set up in the foothills imposing Chamundi Hills which has grown extremely in the last decade without losing its world attraction. Racing in Mysore is now a year round activity with a base of more than 400 horses and gradually marching towards establishing as self-sufficient turf authority in the country. Bangalore Turf Club running into confusion and the fortune of racing Mysore is likely to take the lead. Mysore Race Club is more than a century old started under the patronage of the rulers as far back as 1891. The race course is wide spread 152 acres of land, oval shaped race track which has been renovated recently with a magnificent paddock complex.
Regular horse racing, Gymkhana Racing and Polo matches take place in the Race Course. During the monsoon months of August, September and October racing is limited. Mysore Race Club has financially helped other turf clubs in the country racing for more than 50 days. Before the mini season was started race club helped owners to race their horses for longer periods. The Mysore Race Club is less dependent on Bangalore Turf club to do all racing related works. Mysore Race Club has its own veterinary hospital engaged with experienced team of doctors to take care for racing horses.
Mysore Race Club at present expanded the scale of veterinary services for racing horses importing latest equipments appropriate to x-ray, scanning and additional hospitality services. The turf club has also planned to construct an equine swimming pool expanding the scale of facilities provided to horse riders and supporters. Expansion of building is in process with more than 800 stables and also help Mysore Race Club realize its long term desire becoming self-governing turf authority.
In the future Mysore race club will be sustained endeavor to amplify comfort and pleasure with more competitive racing on large screens, betting shops and greater corporate sponsorships.
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