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Gwalior Municipal Corporation / Nagar Nigam Gwalior

In 1887, the Gwalior Municipal Corporation was established. The different problems regarding to the daily needs of the people has been aspired by local governing organization that is the Nagar Nigam. In order to provide a public transportation services such as good road development, building schools and hospitals, the Municipal Corporation of Gwalior is struggling. Even they have concentrated on mandatory facilities like water supply, sustaining drainage and sewerage system.
In addition, these facilities provided by the Municipal Corporation of Gwalior are very useful for the draft of the lower sections of the society. And the purposes of the shelter to homeless and also including the proper provision of food for them are made possible. There are developments of spare time centers and functions for the education of professional matters by which an individual can also start their own business by the Gwalior Municipal. Moreover to this, the Municipal of Gwalior orders the property tax on developed as well as undergoing constructions.
The Nagar Nigam Gwalior for administrative convenience divides the city into various zones that signifies the councilor elected representative of that region. Even they maintain the follows of the growing population in the city and issues the birth and death certificates. The below given contact details can fetch you the information concerning to the public welfare programs of the Gwalior Municipal Corporation.
Nagar Nigam Gwalior
Mayor Office, Jal Vihar,
Lashkar, Gwalior.
: 0751-2438208, 2438200
Fax: 0751-2432417
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