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HUDA Faridabad(Haryana Urban Development Authority of Faridabad)

Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) of Faridabad has appeared in news bulletin frequently for announcing Faridabad as the most preferred location for property Development. Haryana Urban Development Authority was established as an organization for the proper planning and development of Haryana. HUDA came into being through the Haryana Urban Development Authority Act, 1977 to take over the tasks of individual Government sectors. Public service and welfare is the main purpose for establishing this organization. Ever since its formation, the achievements of HUDA of Faridabad are worth complementing. An outstanding advancement has been achieved in the real estate under HUDA Faridabad drawing attention on the real estate map of Haryana.

HUDA Plots in Faridabad (Plots allotted by HUDA in Faridabad)

The Haryana Urban Development Authority was established in order to provide housing solutions to the citizens residing in Faridabad. Other than providing accommodation solutions they also accomplish their intended actions in the development of various plots in and around Faridabad in order to achieve their objectives. The Land lots are generally divided into Housing sites, Business-related sites, Industry sites, and Education-related sites. All these land lots are considered as a High Potential Zone, since it is the one of the major profit producing place in Haryana. The allocation of housing sites by the Haryana Urban Development Authority is done in a methodical and well organized approach.

HUDA Plot Draw Results (Outcome of HUDA Plot Draw)

Allocation of different sites in the state of Haryana is done by Haryana Urban Development Authorities. HUDA Faridabad first makes a declaration to the public about the availability of various sites to the general public through a newspaper and also through the authorized online site. Tenders from many contenders are collected. Later HUDA Faridabad site draw is held to guarantee an unbiased allocation of the sites. The outcome of this draw can be observed on the authorize HUDA online site.
A primary fee is submitted along with the tender. For industrial sites, HUDA does not conduct any draw. In fact, these sites are allocated on a first approach base. The Faridabad Municipal Office in Ballabhgarh has gained much owing to the Haryana Urban Development Authority Faridabad real estates. Due to the establishment of HUDA Faridabad, 50 per cent share of Haryana’s revenue comes from Faridabad. In the case of commercial site allocation, Haryana Urban Development Authority Faridabad conducts HUDA Faridabad site auction and the contender who offers the largest is allocated the site. In this manner the outcome of HUDA Faridabad has generated huge earnings. At the same time, there is an increase in the developing activities taking place in the city. Many sites in Faridabad have been allotted by HUDA for Education-related, Communal, and Spiritual reasons.
Taking a look at the real estate of Haryana, one would notice the significant contribution made by HUDA Faridabad Housing wherein HUDA has effectively executed its Group housing scheme in Faridabad. If you want to know more about the outcome of HUDA Faridabad events and the most recent policies of HUDA, you can log on to Propertykhazana.com and obtain contact details of Haryana Urban Development Authority. Information pertaining to HUDA refund can be known by getting in touch with HUDA office or going through the authorized online site.

Contact Details

HUDA, Panchkula,
C-3, Sector-6,
Phone: +91 - 0172 - 560024(O)
For further information visit their website: http://huda.nic.in/scheme.html
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